Look at these posts that depict Mahhi Vij’s incredible bond with all her little munchkins


Here is our pick of the most adorable posts from the Bhanushali family:

There is no doubt that star couple Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali are incredibly close to their kids. They share a close-knitted bond with all three of their children, Khushi, Tara and Rajveer. Their uploads on Instagram are the biggest proof of that and they never shy away from sharing with the internet how much each their kids mean to them.

Here is our pick of the most adorable posts from the Bhanushali family:

1. Father’s Day

On the occasion of father’s day, Mahhi uploaded an adorable snippet of both Jay and Tara where the prior could be seen embracing his daughter while singing to her.

2. When Mahhi called her little daughter ‘Chota Packet’

Mahhi posted a picture of her little princess Tara as she stared into the camera all confused while being held by her mother on the top of her head. In her heartfelt post, Mahhi described how her little one compels her to be a better person each day.

3. The terrific trio!

In this post, Mahhi posted a super cute picture of all three of her kids. Her youngest daughter Tara laid lovingly on the lap of her older sister Khushi while their brother Rajveer sat behind them and looked at Tara endearingly. Mahhi said this picture describes her life in one frame.

4. Daughter’s Day

On the occasion of Daughter’s day, the Bhanushali family celebrated this day as they dressed their daughters in hues of pink while cutting a cake of the same colour. Mahi shared a heartfelt note while describing how incredible it is to be a mother to 2 daughters.

5. COVID Scare

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I recently got myself a covid test done due to slight flu symptoms, and even though I tested negative I had to spend an entire day and night without my baby Tara, which was the hardest time I have ever gone through! I couldn't hold her in my arms and nor could I feed or bathe her like I usually do, so I was tutoring Jay and my mom on how to do the same, but it just felt incomplete without me personally taking care of her needs. Somehow Tara was also awake the whole of last night calling out to me, but I couldn't go to her for her own health concern. It was difficult being away from my child for that period of time and it made me realize how days like these are ones where we should be around our children at all times, so that is what I am going to be doing from now on! I may seem like an overly protective mother, but Tara's entry into my life has brought in love, light and so much more that there is not a second I can ever do without her! 🙏❤ #DontHaveCovid #HappyToBeCovidNegative

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In her most recent post, Mahhi wrote an emotional note where she shared her experience of undergoing COVID testing. Although she tested negative, she had to stay in isolation, apart from her youngest daughter Tara. She called the entire experience of staying away from her child difficult and noted that this incident made her appreciate the time she spends with her kids more.

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