I live as an actor to play different kind of roles says Nimrat Kaur

Nimrat Kaur

Actress Nimrat Kaur attended promotional press conference for her upcoming web series ‘The Test Case’ on Friday in Mumbai. During media interaction Nimrat said that she lives as an actor to play different kind of roles.

When asked Nimrat is there conscious effort from her side to play different kind of roles in her short span of career, she said, “That effort will always be there that not to repeat myself when it comes portraying characters because I feel there is no fun doing same kind of stuff and I will not be able to see myself doing same roles. I think that’s the fun of being an actor that you get to play different people and you get to live different world and it’s the one pleasure, I derive from my profession and that is the one thing I live for as an actor so that is an ongoing process for me”

“I feel as a female actor to be able to do so much work at this stage in my career is something I did not think that come my way because for female actor after you become bankable star, after you gain certain commercial momentum in your career then you a get certain responsibility of a film which you can shoulder which will assure you eyeballs so at this point in my career to work so extensively in female driven project is a biggest opportunity and blessing I could ask for”

Talking about playing army officer in ‘The Test Case’ Nimrat said, “When Samar Khan came to me with this series concept that time he just told me that I will be playing army officer in it and then I said yes to him. It was a no brainer, I didn’t have to be convinced at all. It was love at first sound being able to play army officer because I come from an army background so it’s very familiar habitat for me so I didn’t took any time to say yes to this project. I think this is the biggest gift to me as an actor that is come my way. It was childhood dream of me to become an army officer but when I realized that is really tough to become an army officer then I backed out so as an actor this is the closest I could come to being an army officer and living that world”

Nimrat has worked in foreign television series ‘Wayward Pines’ and ‘Homeland’ so when asked difference in working in west and in India, she said, “There you don’t get chai (tea), on a serious note, we are very different from west culturally, but I think there is dignity of labor in the west which we can definitely learn from. Everybody is treated equally on a set. Each member of the crew eats the same food right from spot boys to actors involved in it and I think that is something I would love to see here in our work environment and I think as actor we are privileged as makers take care of us really well but people other than us work for really long hours and it really breaks my heart to see the kind of conditions people work under who will you never see on camera or you never see their names as well and I think that is something we need to change here”

Talking about her preparations to play the role of female army officer, Nimrat said, “I had to change all my eating habits completely. I was never really an unfit person but I also not been an athletic person so I had to really change that in every way possible. First three month for me was very cranky and I was very upset because I wasn’t allowed to eat food of choice as I was supposed to look as an army officer. I had to at least be in place where I can do justice to what this girl might have to attempt who want to be in a special forces”

Nimrat Kaur has worked with Aksahay Kumar in ‘Airlift’ so when asked Nimrat what she feels about choice of Akshay Kumar films where he is doing socially relevant film like ‘Padman’ and ‘Toilet – Ek Prem Katha’, she said, “I think it’s wonderful that he is lending his star status to such important subjects which are mostly taboo which we don’t even mention the word period and sanitary napkins. I think it is the time that we should make films on these subjects and I admire Akshay for the fact that he is lending his star status and bringing it in the forefront”

‘The Test Case’ is the story of India’s first woman combat officer, who struggles to carve out her own identity in a male-dominated world starring Nimrat Kaur in main lead.

‘The Test Case’ also stars Atul Kulkarni, Rahul Dev, Manit Joura, Suhail Nayyar, Akshay Oberoi, Samir Soni and Annup Soni. The only other woman we see in the trailer is Juhi Chawla, who essays the role of the Defence Minister.

The first episode of The Test Case has already been released by ALTBalaji on their platform while the rest of the nine would be released on January 26. The web series is helmed by Vinay Waikul.

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