Kamna Pathak turns mermaid for “Happu Ki Ultan Paltan”!

Watch Kamna Pathak as a mermaid in the upcoming episode of &TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, airing every Monday to Friday at 10:00 pm!

BD Desk 30/06/2022
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&TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan never fails to keep viewers entertained with its humorous and captivating tracks. The show constantly places its characters in comical and unusual circumstances, leaving audiences in splits. Soon Dabbang Dulhania, Rajesh, played by Kamna Pathak, will turn into a mermaid! It so happens that Rajesh is annoyed with Happu Singh (Yogesh Tripathi) for not installing an air cooler.

So with a little help from her father, Gabbar and sister, Bimlesh (Sapna Sikarwar), she cooks up a story of being a mermaid and the need to stay cool to survive. Whether she manages to convince Happu or not to get the air cooler will be revealed in the storyline.

But what stands out is Kamna, aka Rajesh’s mermaid transformation that will surely stand out for the viewers.

Kamna Pathak, essaying Rajesh Singh, says, “We always try to bring something unique, fresh and entertaining for an audience, week on week.

And this time around, we have this mermaid track, which is fun and exciting. I have always been fond of angels, unicorns, fairies, and mermaids. I have always seen and read stories about them and was always fascinated with them. But I had never imagined getting a chance ever to play a mermaid.

So obviously, I was quite thrilled. It was like a dream come true. I never missed the opportunity to dress like one for the fancy dress events held at my school. So when we started shooting, it took me more than two hours to get into complete costume and makeup. But I loved the entire process.

It was refreshingly different, and I made the most of it. I am sure the audience will see Rajesh in a completely new avatar, making for an interesting watch. We are all super excited about it and eagerly await our audience’s reaction. Everyone on the set complimented me on how well I handled my large mermaid tail.

The kids got berserk and even started taking pictures with me, and we created a lot of reels. A large bathtub of pool size was built for me, and from time to time, they added ice to it so that the water remained chilled and I could comfortably complete the long hours of shooting. I am sure our viewers will be surprised to see me dressed as a mermaid, and I can’t wait to know their reactions.”

Watch Kamna Pathak as a mermaid in the upcoming episode of &TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, airing every Monday to Friday at 10:00 pm!