In the news: Qandeel Baloch admits marriage with Aashiq Hussain, says it was forced

Qandeel Baloch, marriage

After long denying news regarding her marriage to Aashiq Hussain (a resident of KotAddu), Pakistan’s social media sensation Qandeel Baloch, finally admitted that she got married in 2008. Tagging it as a forced marriage, she said that she divorced him two years after the marriage.

The matter got fire, when a news channel bought her son to television screen, making it viral that the model has been hiding her marriage. After rubbishing the reports as false, she later confessed that she was quite young when she married him, and it was her husband’s abusive nature that made her leave him.

Giving her side of the story to a leading newspaper, she admitted, “He tortured me day and night during the one year I was married to him. After a year, I ran away with my son and sought refuge in DarulAman.”

Talking about her son, she further went on to say, “He never told my child I am his mother. It was a forced marriage.”

Denying the allegations, Baloch’s ex-husband had some other story to tell. He said that theirs was a love marriage and it was her greed for car and bungalow which made her leave me.

Few months back, another man from Pakistan’s Peshawar claimed to be Qandeel’s husband but she denied it.

By: Akansha Sharma

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