“I am not dating anyone and I do not think I need somebody to feel romantic,” clears Adaa khan

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Mumbai: Monsoon brings a lot of relief post the scorching summer heat. The rains bring the nature back to life. We all long to enjoy the beautiful lush greens, getting soaked in the rain, the cool breezy weather and this season brings the best of it.

Talking about the season, we also alter our style of fashion and lifestyle. Hence we have the beautiful Adaa Khan talk about her fashion mantra during monsoon.

Adaa said, “I love monsoons. It brings a lot of positivity in me and makes me feel romantic.”

Giving some fashion tips she added, “I feel more hungry than usual in this season. I love eating fried food and as this season makes me feel lazy and sleepy. A hot cup of tea or coffee is a must to makes me feel rejuvenated and fresh.”

Adaa also mentioned of how she avoids wearing jeans and long dresses given the fact that it takes longer to dry after wash. One piece dresses, shorts and three-fourths are perfect for the season. Since the actor mentioned about being feeling romantic, we asked her about her relationship too.

She said, “I am not dating anyone and I do not think I need somebody to feel romantic. I enjoy going for long drives all by myself and listen to soft romantic music.”

Monsoon is definitely not a right time to put on heels! When we quizzed her about the same she quipped, “I pick up trendy and comfortable monsoon footwear. When I am at home I am happy with my rubber flip-flops or my strappy sandals. Instead of heels, vibrant looking ballet pumps look classy when one has to go out-door.”

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