High end eye wear brand makes an exception for Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

Mumbai: A high-end eye wear brand recently approached Kangana Ranaut to be brand ambassador for a whopping amount.

The brand in question this far have always used general actors to play common people in their tvc’s and outdoor advertisements ,however, they were extremely keen to have Kangana represent the brand .

Since the brand has a genuine and real perception in the market that appeals to a wide spectrum of people ,they felt that Kangana Ranaut was the only public figure who fit their brand ideals – which is clear and honest communication.

This comes as no surprise especially since Kangana has always worn her heart on her sleeve and has always spoken her mind minus reservations.

Confirming the news says Kangana’s sister Rangoli, “Yes, she has been signed on, but we cannot disclose her fee”.

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