Happy Birthday: Dia Mirza turns 41

Dia feels, the entertainment industry has undergone a sea change since her debut.

Happy Birthday, Dia Mirza

Since her film debut in 2001, Dia Mirza has with each succeeding year added more dimensions and facets to her creative life and today her body of work has grown to encompass not just diverse roles but also a production company, eco entrepreneurship, and far-reaching work with the United Nations as a (please add designation).

Dia who turns 41 on December 9 says, “Every passing year has added a sharper nuance and definition to my work and has brought with it new insights about how I can do more and be more. It has become increasingly important for me to use my voice to highlight the challenges the planet is facing and the issues that concern our collective well-being as a race. This search for meaning and purpose is now also reflecting in my choices as an actor and an entrepreneur. Apart from my work with the U.N., I have also now begun to invest in sustainable brands because I believe we all must do what we can to take better care of the planet.”

Dia is now also being offered roles that truly represent the complexity and depth that women are capable of and she says, “I now see a thread of intentionality in my choices as an actor as well. Whether it is ‘Dhak Dhak’ where I play a hijab-clad biker, ‘Kaafir’ where I played a woman caught in the politics between two countries, or ‘Gray’ where I articulated the importance of consent as a psychotherapist, I am playing women who think and feel deeply and act in accordance with their own particular set of values. It is not incidental either that I am now choosing to work with creators whose work I truly admire.”

Dia feels, the entertainment industry has undergone a sea change since her debut and says, “Female protagonists today are no longer one dimensional and ageism is also receding in the background as strong, well-rounded women come in the forefront to tell stories from their perspective. I am truly glad to be a part of this beautiful shift.”