Goa is a way of life for Natasha Singh!

Mumbai: Natasha Singh who is currently doing the play named ‘Fourplay’ had recently been to Goa for the play itself….

Goa, Natasha Singh

Mumbai: Natasha Singh who is currently doing the play named ‘Fourplay’ had recently been to Goa for the play itself.

We asked her how many times have she been to Goa?
She says, “I have been going to Goa since I was a child, it’s like a another home for me. So I can’t really count the number of times I have been to Goa”.

Next we asked her for the best thing about Goa, she says “It would be easier if you asked for the bad things about Goa because for me everything is good about Goa. The beaches, the sea, the clean air, the greenery the roads the food the people the calmness and peace. I can go on and on about the good things”

When we asked her why does she feels Goa is the most preferable destination she says, Maybe because it’s beautiful, it has nature along with most of the modern amenities. It’s very affordable compared to most holiday destinations. The food is a treat. Also It has something for everyone, from nature lovers to hard core party animals everyone has something to do in Goa”

We also asked about the weather she said, “It was extremely hot in the day time but nice in the nights as it was raining. I love the sounds of the waves and the sunset on the beach. Goa sunsets are the best in the world for me”

She had really enjoyed every bit of Goa. When we asked her does she thinks good company is important for travelling to places like Goa she responded, “Not at all. It’s one of the few places where I feel one does not need company.”

Lastly talking about the play we asked her to share her experience of the response she says, “We got an amazing response. Right from the moment we arrived. Our hospitality partner the beautiful Zuri resorts in south Goa were so nice to us. They had posters put up in the hotel and it felt really special .We performed in ‘Kala’ academy in Panjim. It’s a beautiful theatre. We were houseful and with god’s grace show went really well. It felt like a blessing to be able to give back some joy and laughter to the place that has given me so many unforgettable happy times and moments”