Fashionista Deana Dia to play a rich brat in Love Scope

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Deana Dia, who has been part of many-a-fashion-weeks and ad campaigns like McDonald’s, will soon be seen in one of the lead roles in the Hindi feature film Love Scope (a plot with a twist on Horoscopes).

Deana will be playing the role of a college-going stylish rich brat with lots of attitude to throw. After a successful stint in the modeling and fashion world, she finds it “flattering and humbling” to be welcomed in Bollywood.

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“I’m most grateful that people in the film industry are putting their trust in me as a Bollywood actress. Really looking forward to play some meaty roles in the near future,” gushes Deana with a surge of enthusiasm and commitment.

Produced by Pravin Patel, Love Scope is being directed by award-winning writer-director Sunny Kumar, known primarily for his work in Gujarati cinema. Sunny has earlier directed popular Gujarati films like Dhan Dhatudi Patudi, Padkar and Jagya TyarThi Savar — India’s first movie based on organic farming.

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In a few weeks from now, Deana will also be seen in a music video of an emotional romantic number. But more on that later.

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