“Desires are fulfilled from father’s earnings, self earnings can just fulfill our needs”, says Mahika Sharma

father, Mahika Sharma

Mumbai: The gorgeous and young diva Mahika Sharma feels up with tears this Father’s day as she lost her father in the beginning of the ongoing year (2015). Mahika is completely mature and responsible person. She has taken all responsibilities on herself after her loss. She is left with her Mother and Sister.

Sharing her emotional shades Mahika tells, “My father was the man whom I saw living his life for the smile of his siblings but than too he got nothing in return. He always colored me with multicolor of discipline, responsibility and all What I am today. He gave me freedom to live the life I wish. He didn’t believe showering love with words or actions but always cared for me that I can feel deep inside that the man is thinking about me and is protective about me. He was a business man. He use to work hard for twelve hours for our comforts. He gifted me a flat in Mumbai for my comfort. He gifted me a new car. He cared for all latest model handsets to reach in my hands. With times he bought me all the stuff I was in need of! Wondering who will care for me now. Hope he looking at me that I am working hard to proof myself the best daughter in eyes of him.
I still remember the day. Once I went for vacation with my cousins and the day I was about to return was my birthday. He made it special for me not by throwing a grand party but by decorating the house as we do on any kid’s birthday and asking my mom to prepare all the favorite stuff of mine. I really miss him. If he can listen me would love to say him that papa my life is totally incomplete without you. I have learned desires can be fulfilled from father’s earnings, self earnings can just fulfill our needs. Happy father’s Day!”

Concluding we can say Mahika, believe yourself you have always took stand for in need people. God will always do good with you. We pray peace for your father’s soul!

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