Daisy Shah Candid On working with Superstar and Newcomer

Daisy Shah, Superstar, Newcomer

Daisy Shah has seen both the spectrum of the rainbow, from working with superstar Salman Khan in Jai Ho and now working with newcomer in Ramratan, the actress quips that one need to turn off the switch to play the character.
“First of all, you need to turn off that switch of superstar and newcomer in your head. If you don’t turn that switch off, you won’t be able to perform your character” said Daisy Shah, when asked about difference between working with superstar and newcomer.

Daisy Shah was spotted at trailer launch of her upcoming romantic comedy, Ramratan. The movie is directed by Govind Sakariya and written by Praful Parekh, also starring, Rishi Bhutani, Mahesh Thakur, and Rajpal Yadav in pivotal roles.

Talking about her role and subject selection, Daisy Shah said, “It is very safe subject and my character is very homely. Lot of housewives will connect to my character. It is a safe subject, because it has confusion, fun, comedy and it is entertaining. Above all when someone goes to theater, he is going there for a good time not to cry, so I wanted to do something light, so I picked up Ramratan.”

Daisy Shah also talked about working on biggest project ever; Herself – which she is polishing and redefining.
“I am working on the biggest project there can be, I am working on myself. I am doing a lot of things, in fact, I am learning kickboxing. I think my inspiration for Kick boxing is actually Tiger Shroff because I wanted to kick as high as he does. And strangely I haven’t had the chance to read a lot so I have been reading a lot of books lately” added Daisy.

Ramratan is currently slated for 2017 release.

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