Asin’s picturesque property down south!

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Mumbai: Asin has a farmhouse down south, which is located in the hill station of Vagamon in Kerala, and personally looks into its maintenance. It has a river flowing through it and She takes off often to that tranquil place.

It is her family property and its where’s she’d spend most of her summer holidays back in her school days. Many of her friends from the industry have also visited the pretty picturesque property.

Rohit Shetty commented on seeing her Farmhouse “If I ever had such a beautiful house, i’d never feel like coming back to mumbai”

If sources are to be believed, all food is grown there organically and there’s cattle in the farm for fresh milk and swans in the property. Its literally according to her ‘her little piece of heaven’.

Asin also paints and loves reading and whenever she’s there that’s exactly what she does!

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