Amy Jackson to shoot Bollywood style song & dance number in Boogie Man!

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Amy Jackson, who is currently shooting for an Indo-British film Boogie Man in London, will be seen grooving to a Bollywood style song and dance number in the movie.

The gorgeous actress who was appreciated for her dancing skills in the Akshay Kumar-starrer Singh Is Bliing, says, “Bollywood dance is actually a genre across the globe.

This sequence follows a theme of Beyoncé meets Bollywood. It’s a sexy, exotic and
powerful interpretation of Bollywood dance.” Interestingly, Amy trained along with the renowned international choreographer Leena Patel, who has collaborated with the likes of rapper for the song.

Amy adds, “Bollywood dance is all about having fun in the moment. I practiced the steps for a few hours and picked up an intense three- minute routine in minimal time.”

The song is currently being shot in London where an ornate set has been mounted at a suburban studio in London.

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