After Jacqueline Fernandez it’s Yami Gautam with fitness obsession of Pole dancing

Yami Gautam,

Yami Gautam, the Kaabil and Sarkar 3 star has always been a fitness inspiration especially with her work out videos on Instagram. The multi-talented actress who was seen shaking a leg alongside Hrithik in Kaabil has now taken to a new form of working out, Pole Dancing. The actress has joined celebrity teacher, Aarifa Bhinderwala’s pole dancing class. While Yami is actually new to this form of dance, the photo makes it seem like she has been doing this for a while. It is all that core strength from her workout being put to use.
When asked the actress what she thought of it and her experience, she said “The whole idea came because of my love for fitness and dance and that is something I enjoy doing now. Pole dancing is a great way to work on your fitness ability and your dance. It challenges the fitness level a lot more. So I thought this could be something additional which until now I could not have imagined myself doing. Now, I am in a phase where I want to experiment, push myself and my limit and this thought only comes from one’s mind. Nobody put this thought in my head, it stems from my own will and passion.”

Yami Gautam

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