Actor Gwen Athaide celebrates Republic day at Dream Centre

Gwen Athaide, Republic day, Dream Centre

Mumbai: A day of pride for the nation, all Indians hold their head high on the occasion of Republic Day (January 26). Bollywood actors wished their fans a very Happy Republic Day on Twitter. Bollywood celebrities including Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Farhan Akhtar, Priyanka Chopra, Abhishek Bachchan took to Twitter to celebrate this special day with their fans. Actors cum Singer Gwen Athaide celebrated the Spirit of Republic Day with ARC trust School Dream Centre. She posed with children’s of school and Gwen Athaide said, “This was the day when the rights and freedom was granted to Indians.

Hence, I would like to take up the cause of promoting freedom of speech and strongly recommend to the whole of India to start speaking freely. No one should be able to bind anybody from speaking his or her mind. People should stop getting offended by this basic human right. Republic Day reminds me of our soldiers who relentlessly sacrifice their lives to keep the people and the country safe. So on Republic Day, I will distribute flags to everyone I meet to pay homage to martyrs who laid their lives fighting for the safety of our country. In addition to this, I will also distribute sweets to children at the signal near my home and celebrate the day with them”.

India is celebrating the 67th Republic Day this year. It is the commemoration of a historic moment when India’s Constitution came into being on 26 January, 1950, an event that completed the country’s long-sought transition towards a sovereign nation.

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