​Kangana Ranaut: Conscious Decision To Share the Real Story

​Kangana Ranaut, Real Story

There is no denying that Kangana Ranaut has been pretty vocal about her personal and professional life but now the actress confirms that it has been a conscious decision to share the story as it is, not make it hunky-dory.
Kangana Ranaut attended Jagran Film Summit in Mumbai and talked about her journey, personal and professional life, and her method to success.

“This is a conscious effort I make to tell the brighter side and the darker side. Because I don’t want to give a very hunky-dory picture of my life. It is very easy to portray a fairy tale and to make yourself the center of the world and to portray yourself larger than life, you know, God’s favorite child” said Kangana, when asked about being an inspiration to aspiring actress from smaller towns.

Further adding, Simran Actress Kangana also said that it is heartbreaking to share the real story and her approach, to tell the truth, is important.

“It’s very heartbreaking to actually put the real picture out and be like, I don’t know if I’ve been really lucky or unfortunate but that is your depiction or perspective, but this is how it is”

“Tomorrow if you want to walk the same path, know that, you might or might not make it. So it is good to have that approach because I don’t really have any method to journey, it is hard to tell how actually I made it, I can just be honest and mentally prepare that this is how it is? It is as magical as it can get but at the same time magic comes with a little bit price tag, which sometimes is something you might not want to pay” added Kangana.

Kangana Ranaut also spoke about her role as Julia in Rangoon, and during her research, she was taken aback to discover that back then people were more accepting of fierce women then they are now.

“When I was doing my research for Julia from Rangoon, I was taken aback that there was a lot more acceptance for feisty characters, like woman fighter and stuntwoman but I think instead of going upward from there, our cinema and perception of women, somewhere started to descend” added Kangana.

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