When Vivek Mishra met his ideal Yoga guru “Sri Sri Ravishankar”

Vivek Mishra, Yoga guru, Sri Sri Ravishankar

Mumbai: The yoga guru turned actor Vivek Mishra recently met his ideal Sri Sri Ravishankar in a flight heading from Delhi to Lucknow. Vivek walked up to him and started to introduce himself but thanks to naked yoga, Sri Sri Ravishankar recognized him and hugged warmly and blessed him. Both the spiritual gurus shared the same thoughts on yoga. “Yoga is a way of living life. As per Sri Sri, yoga can eliminate all ailments if practiced regularly.”

India celebrated Yoga Day on the call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Such big event could hardly fail to create any controversies. Vivek Mishra was quite disturbed by the sudden objection against Yoga. “Yoga had got its dew finally thanks to Shri Narendra Modi. It was going to benefit all. Yoga works on healthy body and peaceful mind. It was hilarious but also annoying to see few retards associating Yoga with politics and religion! I am honored that Modi ji has made June 21 as an international yoga day! It’s a sign of progress and development of a healthy lifestyle. Yoga has been in existence before religions were formed. If you see the postures of namaz, they are quite similar to suryanamaskar. So why to add religion to yoga?” asked Vivek.

Yoga is originated in India but we did not value it and stopped practicing until west adopted and glamorized it. Yoga is picked up in India again as a format to loose weight and enhance beauty. “Yoga is a cure for all,” said Vivek “Disease, ailments and illnesses can be cured with yoga and meditation. It’s a way of living a healthy and balanced life. I will encourage all of you to practice yoga. Let’s not associate yoga with a religion. It is a breath for for healthy life”

In his classes, the yoga guru has experienced people walking up to him and crying as they were on antidepressants and some used to take sleeping pills. Practicing yoga has given them a normal life with stress free day and proper sleep.

Vivek has announced before that Yoga has made him more calm and composed. It was a wonderful opportunity for him when Sean Paul and Edward Maya approached him to have yoga session while their visit in India. Both the stars had appreciated him in public and helped making Vivek a household name.

The Yoga guru was last seen on famous TV reality show Bigg Boss and expressed his wish to be seen on small screen again. “Yoga is my passion, my religion and my being if anything related to yoga and lifestyle I will take up but for fictions I am choosy. I am open for daily yoga capsule! I would love to do naked yoga on Indian television.”

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