We will face this with positivity and grace: Maanayata Dutt shares another update on Sanjay Dutt’s health

Maanayata mentioned that the family will deal with the situation with positivity and grace.

Maanayata Dutt, Sanjay Dutt
Photo: Instagram

The Bollywood industry was shaken to the core yet again when Sanjay Dutt’s lung cancer diagnosis got revealed. His wife, Maanayata Dutt has shared yet another update about his health and family. In a recently released statement, she thanked all the well-wishers of the star who showed their immense love and support during these tough times for the Dutt family. She also mentioned that it’s all the warmth from loved ones and supporters that have made possible for Sanjay to make it through all the highs and lows of his life.

Maanayata mentioned that the family will deal with the situation with positivity and grace. They will continue living their lives normally during the tough fight and a long journey while avoiding all the negativity.

She also mentioned that she is under quarantine as she just made it back from Dubai and won’t be able to be by her husband’s side for a few days. As per recent updates, Sanjay Dutt has moved from his residence in Mumbai to seek treatment within Kokilaben Hospital for his condition. He had also made a post on his Instagram account regarding taking a break from his work.


In Maanayata’s statement she also thanked Sanjay Dutt’s sister, Priya Dutt, calling her the “torchbearer”. She mentioned that Priya has been associated with the cancer foundation of the Dutt family for a long time now and seeing her mother Nargis Dutt battle the same kind of illness.

She concluded the statement while urging the fans to not speculate the stage of Sanjay’s illness and trust the doctors who are doing their work. She also assured the fans that an update regarding his progress will be made regulaarly.