Vivek Oberoi to make documentary on the Girl Child !

Vivek Oberoi, documentary, Girl Child

Mumbai : Actor and philanthropist Vivek Oberoi in the year 2009 started Project Devi, that worked towards empowering women and protecting their rights. The actor also did extensive work under “The Banyan” that helped women suffering from mental illnesses.

Under his personal foundation, the Yashodhara Oberoi Foundation ,Vivek Oberoi over the years has done tireless work for “the girl child”, going out to his way to travel to remote corners of the country and personally interact with girls and women who have faced challenging times and emerged stronger.

The actor now wants to share his experiences gathered over the years, with viewers and encourage them to join him in his endeavor, apart from shedding light on the problems underprivileged girls in India face.

Vivek has decided to make and finance a documentary on the Girl Child which will include visuals, videos, statistics and other data and information that he and his team have collected through all their work. The documentary will cover topics like child marriage, rape , eve teasing ,education ,gender discrimination and women’s standing in patriarchal society.

This has been a project Vivek has long wanted to do and has finally decided to activate it. He will start work on it post the shoot of Great Grand Masti. He is also involving NGO’s fighting for a similar cause for their inputs and feedback.The documentary will release online on all major platforms and video streaming sights. He hopes by releasing it on the social media platform that people from all corners of the country will have easy access to it.

Vivek quote

I wanted to create awareness and share my experiences with these girls and their struggles…this isn’t about an actor or actress stealing the limelight but about real life heroes … so as of now it doesn’t feature any star personality but it will have my voice over.

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