Veteran actor Tom Alter’s last film ‘Hamari Paltan’ to be released on 27th April.

Tom Alter, Hamari Paltan

Renowned actor Tam Alters’ last film ‘Hamari Paltan’ s trailer got released on Monday and
the release date of the film is finalized as 27 th April.

‘Hamari Paltan’ is directed and written by Jainendra Jigyasu. It is the last feature film where
Tom Alter will be seen on the big screen and the director stated Tom was highly impressed
by the story and theme of this film. The Padma Shri awardee, who was stereotyped as the
perennial British man in Bollywood will be seen playing one of the pivotal roles in the film.

During an interaction with the director, Jigyasu said,”The movie showcases some brilliant
performances by veteran actors like late Tom alter, Manoj Bakshi, along with some
exceptionally talented child actors. This movie is a humble attempt towards creating
awareness about environment’s protection and the importance of natural resources,
through the means of entertainment”

Jainendra maiden project revolves around children from two separate backgrounds, who
become friends through a game. These kids start a movement by getting inspired by a
retired professor.

The trailer shows Tom as the retired professor who teaches kids of the right ways to keep
the environment clean and healthy while  Manoj Bakshi plays the politician against the
movement started by kids.

Hamari Paltan starring, Tom Alter, Manoj Bakshi, and Child Artists is scheduled to be
released on 27th April 2018.

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