Veeru Jaat finds it hard to pick heroine up

Veeru Jaat

Mumbai: One of the posters of upcoming film Khota Sikka – Jaat Ke Thaat shows heroine Nilufer Salehi holding hero Aatri Kumar, alias Veeru Jat, and that has struck a chord of curiosity among a lot of people. Veeru Jat is a lot shorter than Nilufer so when there was a scene to be shot in which Veeru had to showcase his love by holding Nilufer in his arms, all hell let loose. For it became really hard for Aatri Kumar to pick heroine Nilufer up due to his short height.

Tired of this hullabaloo, Veeru put forward a request to the director that he heaved a sigh of relief at. The request was to swap the roles and have Nilufer pick Veeru up, instead. This shot got an okay in just one take.

Set to release on 12th September, this film is being presented by Bright Outdoor Media’s Yogesh Lakhani and is produced by Manoj Bharadwaj.

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