The saga of Sonu Sood’s incredible humane work

Sonu Sood

Here is what his fans and followers have been saying about him.

Known for mostly playing negative roles in the world on Indian cinema, Sonu Sood is a bundle of power-packed positivity in real life. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic’s wrath has spread across the nation, the actor has been dutifully helping several needy beings by making their life a bit more comfortable.

It all began when a nationwide lockdown owing to the coronavirus pandemic got announced by the government. This led to many daily-wage migrant labourers stranded in the cities they worked in. Sood was quick to take notice of the situation and arranged for several buses within many parts of the nation for the migrants to reach their hometown with ease and be with their families.

That’s not all, the ‘Dabangg’ actor also arranged for a chartered flight for many students stranded internationally in Kyrgyzstan to bring them home. Soon after this, the actor is on a new mission again to bring home other Indian students who are trapped in Georgia.

Apart from this, he has been providing his help to many other citizens who are in crises, be it gifting a tractor to a family Andhra Pradesh or launching an employment app for the jobless.  Sonu is out there doing it all.

Here is what his fans and followers have been saying about him. Take a look:

In these dark times, there can be no better role model than Sonu Sood. His prominent hard work to make everyone’s life a bit easy and bringing joy to everyone has been extremely commendable.

Sonu has also announced that he will publish a book regarding all his noble doings amidst this pandemic in the near future. is owned & managed by Media Minds Solutions


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