Sushant Singh Rajput helps young budding astronauts to fulfill their dreams !

Sushant Singh Rajput,

Sushant Singh Rajput earlier this year trained at NASA’s US Space & Rocket Center (USSRC) for a film and almost immediately wanted to give young children the opportunity to visit NASA, under his education programme.

Rajput , who has been a physics topper and takes great interest in astro physics had the best time training at NASA and recently sponsored a trip to the US Space Camp center for 2 children Bhooshan Sawant (14) and Selywn Makwana ( 14).

Space Camp® is the ultimate unique camp experience where children work as a team and confront mission scenarios that require dynamic problem solving and critical thinking skills. Throughout the week, camp trainees encounter artifacts as they learn about space hardware and the history and future of space exploration.

Sushan’t young find ,14 year old Bhooshan, was awarded the “best trainee camper” out of the 250 students ,from different parts of the world who attended SPACE CAMP. The young budding astronaut, won top honors on his performances in all the classes/ activities at USSRC .

We were all seated in a room and Sushant sir was speaking to each one individually. He asked some questions based on our favorite subjects, mine being mathematics, geography and science. I was questioned on Newton’s three laws of motion and on astronomy, planets and plants. I gave all the right answers and was very confident but I had no idea that if selected, I would get an opportunity to go to the US. I was thrilled when my principal told me that I was to go to NASA,” informs the ninthstandard student of a Khar school.

Says Sushant Singh Rajput, “I’d really like to thank Space Camp USA for taking such good care of my kids.They had a really good time and I’m highly obliged”.

He even bagged a medal and is delighted Sushant gave him the opportunity to live out his dream. “I want to thank him and tell him to continue this scholarship so other kids, not just in Mumbai but across India, can showcase their talent,” says Bhooshan.

The USSRC’s Space Camp officials too were all praise for Sushan’t education initiatives and even took to a popular microblogging site to thank him for sending such great students, who truly stood out.

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