Sonu Sood’s reaction after a fan asks him to help him celebrate his birthday just like SRK!

Sonu Sood was quick to take notice of the tweet and left some wise words for the fan.

Sonu Sood
Source: Instagram

Every year, Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday feels more like a grand event and less like a celebration. This year as well, Dubai honoured the actor by lighting Burj Khalifa up and displaying his face and wish to the entire city. A fan who got extremely impressed by this grand gesture tweeted to Sonu Sood and requested him to help the user celebrate his birthday in this grand manner.

Owing to the pandemic, Sonu Sood has emerged as a messiah in these tough times. People often drop him a message on social media if they’re in need and he tries his best to assist them however he can. It all began when he had assisted all the migrant workers to reach their villages when the COVID-19 lockdown had been announced in March 2020.

This user posted a picture of Shah Rukh Khan’s celebration and asked Sonu, “Sonu sir
5 November ko birthday hai
Aise hi Burj Khalifa pe celebration karwa. Do please ?

Sonu was quick to take notice of the tweet and left some wise words for the fan. His tweet mentioned, “बस आपका जन्मदिन 3 दिन लेट हो गया भाई।
ख़ैर थोड़ी से महनत करो और नाम कमाओ ज़िंदगी में फिर देखना bhurj khalifa क्या आसमान पे नाम लिख देगी दुनिया ?” (You’re only three days late bother. Anyway, do a little hard work and earn a name for yourself. Then the whole world will inscribe your name in the sky rather than Burj Khalifa.)