Shashank Vyas talks about his road trip to leh ladakh!

Shashank Vyas, road trip, leh ladakh

Mumbai: The hot and young actor still remember for his funny acting with Katrina Kaif in ‘Tees Maar Khan’ shares about his trip.

“My first road trip to Leh-Ladakh was the best experience of my life. I have travelled in India and abroad before but the road trips are wonders in themselves. Usually the trips are all about waiting at the airport and sleeping in a hotel. That is what makes road trips so special. You get to see rivers, mountains and most importantly a chance of exploring local culture” says Shashank Vyas of Balika Vadhu

“We were five people on board. Two friends from Mumbai and two school friends from Delhi and me. We all had equal frequency and wave length. So we understand each others’desire to wander.” He adds

Shashank informs that the most memorable of the trip was the visit of famous Pangong lake. “After arriving at Leh, we started bike ride around 5 in the evening but locals advised against it and we took a U-turn from 30-35 Km. Next day, the journey was resumed at 9 in the morning as the snow point is 16,000 feet above sea level.”

But the bad fate didn’t stop there. All the tents were booked. Not a single one was available. One of his friend had to use his contacts to land them a tent for a night. “After all what is a journey without a bit of surprise?” asks Shashank.

Then of course Tina Datta and Adaa Khan, his traveling companions were hospitalized. As Shashank clarifies, that happens if you are not that fit enough for these kind of trips.

Working in daily soaps no doubt takes lots of time. A break is more than necessary for the TV actors. “We shoot high voltage scenes all day. Leh-Ladakh’s temperature in minus degrees is very different from the heat of Mumbai. Naturally, that made me relaxed in seconds. It was my first break of seven days in five years. I had this feeling of emptying. It was extremely stress free, and fresh environment. The impact of this kind of breaks shows on your face.”

Shashank has traveled alone before but confessed that it is nice to have people with good sense of humor around you especialy when you have to spend five days for 2500 Km. It makes the journey easy and comfortable.

“Life is a journey and if you want to read all of it, you got to travel! It improves your mindset. People are very buy in their career and work a break in the race is always advisable. I will stongly state that everybody should visit Ladakh once in their life. I am not against oof traveling abroad but know the beauty of our homeland first”, concludes Shashank.

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