Shakti Kapoor in ‘Raktdhar’ will fight for the transgenders community.

Shakti Kapoor, Raktdhar, transgenders community

Producer Dhananjay Dhawan Patil and director Ajit Verma along with cast Mukesh Rishi, Shahbaaz Khan, Ehsaan Khan, Deepsikha Naagpal, Manish Khanna and Archita Banerjee were present at the trailer Launch of film Raktdhar on Wednesday.

During media interaction the producer revealed Shakti Kapoor’s character in the film.

Producer Dhananjay Patil who was closely involved with the film said that the film is something that people haven’t seen before.

He spoke about Shakti Kapoor’s character in the film, “Shakti ji, has done a fabulous job. He has never done anything like his current character in Raktdhar. The film’s main base is about the death of his friend and the awful treatment they are given by the officials.

The film will show what happens when a transgender has to visit a hospital or even when they die. When they don’t receive justice Shakti takes the matter into his hands and enters politics. The film with an action climax is based on political revenge.”

Film’s trailer gives a glimpse into the story about love, political revenge and Shakti struggle in society and the world of politics as he fights to take control and help his community.

“It will bring forth the truth and problems related to the transgenders’ life. The film talks about their lives and daily humiliation they have to face. The story revolves around Shakti Kapoor’s character and his transgender friend being raped and dishonored to death (literally). said the producer.

Chitra Wagh, politician and Women Wing President who was also present at the event to support the film and its cause expressed her grief for the community, ‘they have laws written for them by the government but there isn’t anything actually happening for them.’

The film directed by Ajit Verma is jointly produced by Dhananjay Dhawan Patil and Rajan Gupta under the banner Chitra Films and is scheduled to release on 6th October 2017. is owned & managed by Media Minds Solutions


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