Saqib Saleem supports cricket for the blind!

Saqib Saleem,

Saqib Saleem, who played cricket for Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir before diving into the entertainment industry, is currently lending his voice to the cause of cricket for the visually challenged in the capital city.

This is not the talented actor’s first association with the sport. Saqib is a member of the “Mumbai Heroes” at the Celebrity Cricket League, a non-professional men’s cricket league in India.

The promising actor has had passion for cricket since he was four and thought this association with cricket for the blind as a chance to not only encourage the special players but the sport as well.

Talking about the upcoming match for the visually challenged and his association with them, Saqib says, “For me, passion supersedes everything and just the passion that these special players have for the game makes me want to associate with them.”

It is learnt that Saqib has arranged for free coaching for the special players too. He also adds, “As I grew up in Delhi and played majority of the cricket there,  I know of the cricketing community there. I spoke to my coaches and asked if these players could come and practice at their grounds. They were more than happy to facilitate it.”

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