Rishi Kapoor announces his autobiography has sold more than 50,000 Copies

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Rishi Kapoor who is busy promoting his upcoming film ‘Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi’, during an interview the veteran actor said, he is happy to let everyone know his autobiography has sold more than 50,000 Copies.

Rishi was asked if writing has crossed his mind again after the biography, to which he said, “No it really hasn’t I am an actor and that was an autobiography which is different than writing but yes I am very happy to let everyone know 50, 000+ copies have been sold of my autobiography. Considering the fact that people in our country aren’t crazy about reading books or autobiographies and still we have reached such a high number I am very happy with the result that my book has become a top seller. I am thankful for all the love that it has received since I wrote everything from my heart.”

Talking about his upcoming film ‘Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi’ the lead actor shed light on the story, “The roles in the film are very regular roles the interesting part of the film is about how we have acted in the film that’s what makes it different. This film has the exact reverse story of Bobby. Imagine if Robby was made with Pran and Premnath’s roles as the lead characters then it would be Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi. It’s about cultural difference. What I and Paresh have done will be the highlight of the film.”

Rafoo Chakkar, was such a great film packed with entertainment action and romance when asked why don’t you make a remake of the film, when asked to comment on the same the actor said, “I spoke to Farah about this once and this is her answer, she said, ‘back then you were a superstar at the age of 20 and you looked amazing in the role where are we going to find a super star in today’s; date at the age of 20. It’s not possible to make a film without that.’ Farah and Sajid want to make this film their father was a part of that film they have an emotional attachment but they can’t find an actor who can play the part as I did.”

In Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi, besides the presence of the veterans Paresh Rawal, Rishi Kapoor and Prem Chopra, the film also stars Vir Das and Payal Ghosh as the lead stars. The filmmakers have released two songs titled, ‘Maro Line’ and ‘Ankhha Churave’ composed by Lalit Pandit which has received great response from the audience.

The film presented by Bholenath Movies/Cinekorn Entertainment and produced by Bharat Patel will be releasing on September 15.

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