Rahul Bhat’s Family Plans A Surprise!

Rahul Bhat

Mumbai: Festivals are special time for families, but for actors it is almost impossible to predict if they will be able to spend these auspicious days with their families. Rahul Bhat who always made it a point to make a grand celebration of Holi will be missing all the festivities due to his film shoot.

“Rahul has always made a big deal out of Holi, he throws the best parties and makes sure everyone has a lot of fun, his whole family ensures it is a wonderful time for all, but this time all the plans have gone for a toss because Rahul will be working,” shared a friend of the actor.

Work commitments do have precedence over everything but to make the best of the situation, Rahul’s family is planning a visit to Delhi, where the actor will be shooting for his much anticipated film, FITOOR. “Since Rahul’s work commitments have been pretty constant, he has had no respite, so this surprise visit from his family will surely be a good idea,” stated our source.

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