Raghav Juyal gets back his stolen 2 lakh rupees

Raghav Juyal

Mumbai: Raghav Juyal lodged a police complaint after someone allegedly withdrew 2 lakh from his account.

Raghav Juyal, who made his Bollywood debut with Sonali Cable (2014), has suffered a loss of 2 lakh. Raghav is upset over the theft of the money that got stolen from his account.
Raghav, who’s in Nepal for a music concert, was aghast to know that someone allegedly withdrawn the amount from his account from an ATM booth in Mumbai. The dancer-actor filed a police complaint on April 18.

Raghav was in Nepal for a show when he received two text messages of withdrawals of 1 lakh each. He was aghast to know that none of his family members used his card to withdraw money. Raghav had filed a case with the Santacruz police station and they are investigating into the matter. The bank concerned has also provided footages from the ATM booth to the police and has credited the amount to Raghav’s account.

Raghav says, “It’s very shocking. I don’t know how it happened.”

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