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Akshar Kumar and Amit Lodha, IPS officer posted with BSF in Jaisalmer attended Bharat Ke Veer donation initiative on Monday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Akshay stated that he is not doing any socially relevant causes to prove anything to anyone.

Today, Akshay Kumar is essentially known as only A- list actor who does socially relevant films than anyone else. There has been re-invention in career of Akshay Kumar in last 5-6 years, so when asked, what came earlier the social awakening or re-shaping of career, to that, Akshay Kumar said, “Earlier, I didn’t had anything so I feel charity comes when you have something. I don’t know what came first. I just felt like doing things. I am not doing things just to prove anything to anyone. There is certain kind of feeling which I have. Nobody is pushing me towards this and nobody is telling me to do anything. I don’t want to get into politics either. I am doing these things because I feel for these causes and here also, I am taking advantage of being an actor to help army people because more than army personnel their family needs help from us”

Akshay Kumar has played role of security personnel in films like Khakee, Holiday, Baby and Rustom, so when asked him is there karmic connection between him and these people, he said, “My father was also in the army that is the main connecting point between me and them. I have heard so many stories of their struggle especially their families so that is the reason I am always up to do my bit for them. I feel a lot for the uniform. I have played role of police officers around 22-23 times in my career and 80-90% of those films have worked really well”

This has been terrible year for movie business industry but Akshay’s Toilet – EK Prem Katha is only film of an A – list actor that has did well, talking about success and importance of doing that film, Akshay said, “Toilet – Ek Prem Katha’s script was roaming in film industry for last 2-3 years but no actor was ready to take that film but I really liked the thought behind this film. It was very important film. I am very surprised that film has done very well. It has crossed about 135 crores business”

“I am happy not because of the money power of the film but this film has made difference among people. 9 months back, India had 54% of open defecation and today it has come somewhere around 28-30%. It all has happened because of efforts from government and little bit my film has also done whatever it could do. Now I am hopeful that within one year, India will be open defecation free”.

Talking about his upcoming film Padman, he said, “Padman is film about sanitary pads. There are still 91% of Indian females who don’t use sanitary pads only because they could not afford it. This film talks about a taboo when woman go through her periods. I urge everyone to support this film as well to spread awareness about this important initiative. It is important that this 91% comes as low as possible”

Talking about his self-defense training initiative for women, he said, “Till now, I have trained about 10000 girls in self defense free of cost. I run many academies in Mumbai and Thane where we teach them how to face the world. It’s basically a crash course to train women about how to deal with men when they do any kind of inappropriate behavior with them. In that training sessions, females from all walks of life be it CEOs of corporate companies, doctor, student and housewives has train themselves”

“Unfortunately, now the time is this that women have to learn self-defense and that’s why I pleaded government to make self-defense compulsory for all girls who are studying in school because in lot of countries like Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore and China, where self defense training is compulsory for every child. If you don’t have 3 years of training in self defense then you won’t be allowed to work anywhere. I just pray and wish that kind of rules should be implement in our country”

Akshay is turning 50 year old on 9 September, when asked him his future course of action, he said, “I just want to keep on working in this industry. I love my industry. I love Hindi cinema. I want to working in the industry till they have to shoot me that’s the only goal I have”

Akshay Kumar and Government of India supported Bharat Ke Veer initiative till now has collected 14 crore and through this initiative each family of deceased soldier will get maximum amount of 15 lakhs.

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