Manish Paul loses 15 kgs for his next!

Manish Paul

Manish Paul has recently been sporting a lean physique, which he worked hard to achieve over the course of 4 months.

The actor who piled on the pounds while holidaying in the US for a month, had to sport a muscular, ripped look for a few shirtless scenes in the second half of his upcoming film , Baa Baaa Black Sheep and went on a strict fitness training programme to get into shape.

Says Manish, “When my trainer met me after my US holiday, he was very upset to see me in such a bad shape. Since I often wear suits, people couldn’t make out that I had gained so much weight. I have lost 15kg, and did workouts suggested by my trainer on the beach, as it offers more resistance. He had put me on a very low carb diet, which was high on protein. It included chicken, salads and protein shakes. I was completely off sweets and aerated drinks. The fitness regime has become a part of my life now. I am very happy with my current physique, and I want to maintain it. I will shoot for a shirtless scene for the film”

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