Maniesh Paul to shoot his music video in the UK!​​

Maniesh Paul, shoot, music video, UK

After trying his hand at rapping on stage for the first time at Salman Khan’s world tour Da-Bangg, the most celebrated television host has collaborated with UK’s most popular and successful Asian music artists – PBN (Panjabi By Nature), known for smash hits including ‘Aashiq’ and ‘Dancefloor’ among others.

The most celebrated television host, who has recently flown to London for the second leg of Salman Khan’s Da-Bangg tour, which he will be hosting, will extend his stay by two days. The talented actor will now be shooting the video over two days.

Maniesh informs, “It’s a hip-hop Punjabi romantic song, which we will be shooting on a helipad. It’s my first single composed by PBN.”

“They had sent me the tune and the lyrics. I recorded the song scratch in 15 minutes and sent it to them. They loved it and said, ‘Whenever you are in London, we want to shoot the video’,” Maniesh adds. is owned & managed by Media Minds Solutions


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