Kunal Kapoor all praises for Amin Rozanis contribution for Spartan Poker contribution to Ketto Foundation

A name to reckon and admire, when we talk about the most daring, persistent, flamboyant and humble entrepreneur of current…

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A name to reckon and admire, when we talk about the most daring, persistent, flamboyant and humble entrepreneur of current times. He captures your heart with his ordinary and soft-spoken persona. His entrepreneurial aptitude drives him to not only take risks, but to thrive them to success. With an impeccable eye towards opportunities, a visionary, a genius at numbers, and determined to take action on his plans, marks him as one of the most successful entrepreneur. The icon in making Amin Rozani, The Managing Director of Spartan Poker, is one of the most influential and unmissable personalities of the Indian Poker industry today!

A veteran, Amin Rozani, has a rich history of success and failures, and his persistence to make a change in this industry has been broadly appreciated now. Some important facts on how he carved a niche for himself in this competitive market, and what was the turning point in his life that lead him towards this business.

“I’ve always had a good head for numbers. Since school days, my favorite subject was math. While I barely managed to pass other subjects but I used to enjoy math tremendously and it has held me in good stead right from the time I started working,” says Amin Rozani with outmost humility.

The turning point in his life was not an easy one. “After the passing away of my father almost 5 years back, the responsibility of the family came on my shoulders. He had a small iron and steel business in the town side of the city. There was nobody to attend to the business, that’s when I took to explore various options, and planned to also venture into poker business. I have been fortunate to meet and worked with some quality people in this business, which further enhanced my approach.” Says Amin.

His efforts took Indian Poker Championship to another level. “With barely 2 months at the return of the IPC in January 2015, from an average of 100 players per event, the numbers swelled to over 300 taking part in individual events. I have been fortunate at the enthusiasm shown by top international brands like the World Poker Tour and others to do their events in our venue and it just goes to show that India as a market is growing and gaining the regional and global attention” adds Amin.

“One of the great things about the IPC is the convivial atmosphere we manage to create at our events. Sure, people come to play Poker but they also come to meet friends new and old, they made from across the country. So it’s a competitive, social and friendly gathering of Poker lovers over those 5-6 days of an IPC event.”
With the introduction of top value added events like “The Millionaire”, Spartan Poker has swept India by storm.

“It is wonderful to play some amazing formats with experienced poker players of India at Spartan Poker online site and App” said Ranvijay Singh, Rodio Actor and star, on a live event of The Millionaire tournament of Spartan Poker.

This gentleman has a soft heart and believes in giving back to the society. “Many of our events prize money has been matched and donated for a good cause to the NGO’s in India. We will continue to do whatever we can to make it a better place for as many souls we can possibly touch and help” Amin speaks humbly on this.
“It is heart warming of Spartan Poker to contribute for the betterment of unprivileged children“ Said Actor Kunal Kapoor on Spartan Poker contribution to Ketto Foundation.