Karan Singh Grover’s black pen and ink art impresses all!

Karan Singh Grover,

Karan Singh Grover’s skills and talent as a painter has come to the fore only recently, even though he has been doing sketches and drawings for many years now.

Just recently a painting that Karan made had everyone awestruck at home, including wife Bipasha Basu. The talented actor, known for his envious physique, also shared a picture of his new painting on his Instagram account, much to the surprise of his fans who couldn’t stop praising his new piece of art.

A source says, “Karan is into abstract and black pen ink art.

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Art has always been his passion and taking his love for painting to the next level, he has also decided to soon conduct an exhibition of his paintings

Karan says, “I like abstract art since it’s a way of expressing my emotions on the canvas. I find it to be soothing. I make sure that i make time for my art everyday

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