Karan Oberoi wanted to join army!

Karan Oberoi, army

Every one of us celebrates Independence day, but the joy is of another level for an army officer’s family. For Karan Oberoi, son of Brigadier BJS Oberoi, August 15 has been nothing less than a festival. Though he has built an identity for himself, Karan feels proud to be called an army man’s son. “It’s the most amazing feeling to be an army man’s son. The greatest blessing I could have ever asked for,” he states.

For Oberoi, his father had every quality that a child would look for in his superhero. “It fills my heart with pride that the biggest hero or role model I could have ever asked for is someone that I am born to. He has defended the country selflessly in all the wars that our motherland has fought. He has been a brave decorated soldier, a man of absolute integrity, self-discipline, and self-righteousness,” he elaborated.

What adds to the pride of this ace musician is the fact that he comes from a legacy of soldiers as his uncles (father’s brothers) were also war veterans from army, navy and air force. “I grew up looking and empathising decorated soldiers in the India army. I always wanted to be one of those but the love for music and fine arts was too compelling, so I could not join the army,’ says Karan who rose to fame with the much popular band of early 20s – ‘A Band Of Boys’.

Commenting on how movies based on nationalism, patriotism and similar subjects creates an adrenaline rush within him, Karan says, “If they are authentic, based on some kind of reality and not unnecessarily jingoistic and loud, I really enjoy them. Like I loved ‘Haqeeqat as a film; it was such a true and real portrayal. I cringe when they go overboard and that makes me neither emotional or excited.” is owned & managed by Media Minds Solutions


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