Interview: “I love a girls who have attractive eyes. Long hair and little bit filled up with decent attitudes”- Aashish Mehrotra

Interview, Aashish Mehrotra

Mumbai: The hot and young actor Aashish Mehrotra who is getting popular day by day among his fans. His look and the well build body is enough to let girls go crazy for him. The actor shares about his personal shades with us.

What are your hobbies?
Actor tells, “I love painting when ever I get off from my profession. Dance and singing are art of life. I do color my life with such arts. I love watching American seasons like entourage, game of thrones, flash, breaking bad and movies to get fresh and feel energetic. I love exploring things and learning about new things.”

Can you share about your views on romance?
Romancing with opposite gender can also be counted among the features of art of living. I feel every person should learn it and keep their partner satisfied. I am also romantic person. I do love flirting too. (blinks with a naughty smile)”

” I love a girls who have attractive eyes. Long hair and little bit filled up with decent attitudes” actor adds.

Have you ever experienced any such incident were your crazy female fans tries to seduce you?
Mehrotra replies, “I feel that my fans and me share a very positive and pure relationship. They give me a positive energy to work more better. Their appreciation towards me is very much important for my growth. Soo I never took our relationship towards that kind of roads. I always try to be in my limits and have never allowed a fan to come that close yet.”

What are your thoughts towards one night stand?
Aashish shares, ” I don’t keep any thoughts towards one night stand. I don’t think anything about it. I Believe it’s never planned and should never plan it. It happens by the desires from both the ends so should live that moment and feel free not forced.”

Any Bollywood Actress you have crush on?
Actor shares, “Kareena Kapoor Khan is the most lovely and gorgeous women I have seen ever. I would love to take her on a special date and spend my precious moment dancing with her and singing for her. Ending with beautiful talks and a special dinner with her.”

Well Aashish thanks for sharing your time with us. We wish a bright future for you.

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