“I am someone who is deeply connected to music,” says Actor Pearl V Puri

Mumbai: The intense musical love story on Star Plus, Badtameez Dil is all set to rock TV screens from next week….

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Mumbai: The intense musical love story on Star Plus, Badtameez Dil is all set to rock TV screens from next week. Playing the lead in the show will be the humble and handsome Pearl V Puri.

The actor feels that there is a karmic connection with the project and his character. “I am someone who is deeply connected to music similar to my character Abeer. Also without the consent of my father, I am here fighting it out to fulfil my dreams, just as Abeer will do in the show. It is kind of a déjà vu feeling for me and that makes it all the more special. This show and the character were meant for me somehow.”

Though Pearl says he cannot live without music, acting is the only passion that keeps him going. “Though music is my life, I wanted to be an actor from the time I can remember having a goal. There have been loads of difficulties in my way and I am ready to achieve all of it. Acting gives a chance to portray various characters; luckily for me, this show has brought both my love on the same page.”

India’s Rawstar contestant Darshan Rawal has sung for the actor, but he has hope in place. “Though Darshan has done a fabulous job with the songs with his magical voice and emotions, I really hope and plan to sing some of my songs in this show. It would be a double whammy for me then.”

Pearl who is a sweet and sober guy in real life will be seen as ‘badtameez’ (rude) guy in the show. “It is really difficult for me to bring the twisted character to life, but I gave in completely to the director’s demand. I also feel that I am not yet that capable to give my opinions and suggestions; thus I prefer sticking to the learning phase.”

The actor, even before his launch was embroiled in a controversy (reported by us). On whether he is prepared for the backlash, he says, “One has to be prepared for all of it as soon as they enter the industry. I think everyday life teaches you through experiences and people around you. I am sure I will get used to it and handle it all in a mature way.”

The actor who is still fighting his dad’s disapproval over his chosen career says, “He is a bit fine with all of this now, but there is still a bridge that we need to cross to iron out our differences. I really hope he watches my show and enjoys the same (smiles). It is quite a filmy story and I do believe it will have a happy ending too.”

“TV definitely is a huge medium today and when I was narrated the story, I readily agreed for the same. I had this dream of doing a role like Ranbir Kapoor’s in Rockstar, and I am getting to play a similar one in Badtameez Dil. Right now I want to make this character worth remembering for all.” Pearl avers about his big screen dreams.

Badtameez Dil launches 29 June, 8:30 pm.