Hrithik Roshan is all praises for his friend Kunal Kapoor and his film ‘Koi Jaane Na’

See the post made by Hrithik Roshan here.

Source: Twitter

Actor Hritik Roshan took to his social media to reveal he was blown away by a new film he watched titled ‘Koi Jaane Na’ featuring his close friend Kunal Kapoor. He honestly mentioned that he intended to only watch the first 30 minutes of it but soon got hooked to it owing to the amazing premise.

Hrithik also appreciated his actor friend Kunal Kapoor, who played the protagonist in the movie. He mentioned that his performance was no less than ‘brilliant’ and how this is the level of acting we don’t get to see much. The post made by Hrithik Roshan said, “Truly an unexpected discovery! Thought I’d watch 30 mins because it’s my friend’s film, but kept going on and on. Ended up happily surprised at the script,
story, and you dude! ”

He then lauded his friend Kunal Kapoor as he mentioned, “My man, you have metamorphosed into brilliance (bias less 10% it’s supremely intelligent strategic acting which we don’t get enough of). Your good looks have now turned into a bonus! Well done man!”

See the post made by Hrithik Roshan here:

Source: Hrithik Roshan‘s Instagram Story

Directed by Amin Hajee, the story focusing on an author who goes on vacation to get over his ‘writer’s block’ and finds himself surrounded by mysterious murders being committed by a serial killer. Koi Jaane Na is available on Amazon Prime Video.