Hrithik Roshan gives a shoutout to Sunaina Roshan

Hrithik Roshan, Sunaina Roshan

Superstar Hrithik Roshan is a proud brother of sister Sunaina Roshan who recently opened up about the struggles of her life. Sunaina Roshan documented her struggles through a series of blogs to inspire others to fight back.

Sunaina Roshan has been through a broken marriage, battled depression, diabetes and hypertension, undergone bariatric surgery, sought psychiatric help and survived cervical cancer. And through it all, she’s come out strong and smiling, with a willingness to share her experiences through inspirational blogs that she’s penned down.

Documenting the same in a blog, Sunaina Roshan penned Zindagi. Proud of his sister, Hrithik Roshan took to Twitter to give a shoutout to his sister. He shared,”Didi, even though I know you since all of my life , I am looking forward to reading your blog. And I love the name you have chosen for it. So happy you decided to contribute your life lessons to all of us . Love you @sunainaRoshan22″.

The blog will be uploaded on the 25th of April, the actor announced the same with a picture on his social media.

Sunaina Roshan who now resolved to live for her parents Rakesh and Pinky Roshan, daughter Suranika and Hrithik had earlier said, “My family has always been by my side through everything, but first you need to make up your mind to fight and overcome the difficulties. Nobody can really help you but yourself”.

Her brother Hrithik Roshan, she acknowledges, is her biggest inspiration, despite having a near-death experience on the sets of Bang Bang that needed a life-threatening surgery he is fighting today. Drawing inspiration from Hrithik, Sunaina Roshan follows her brother’s footsteps where diet and gymming are concerned.

Breaking down her journey into chapters which include the role that each member of her family has played while she was facing trying times Sunaina Roshan said, “I want to inspire people across the globe. If the blog is a success maybe, I’ll think of a book and go on a show like Ted Talks. I want to tell people to play the survivor card, not the victim card.” is owned & managed by Media Minds Solutions


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