How Ranveer Singh became an actor?

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Ranveer Singh who is still shooting for ‘Padmavati’ has already bagged the role of Kapil Dev in the upcoming 1983 World cup based film ’83’. The victorious Cricket Team of 1983 along with Director Kabir khan and Ranveer kick started the journey of their film, ‘83’ amid huge fanfare. During an interaction, Ranveer said he became an actor thanks to Mohinder Amarnath.

Ranveer revealed at the event that Jimmy (Mohinder Amarnath) is the reason why he became an actor. The actor told the audience that after scoring 71 on 46 in 7th standard he decided to try out for Mohinder Amarnath’s Khar gym academy with his best friends. He said, “My friends were serious about the sport and reached on time for the tryouts. When I reached late I saw Mr. Mohinder Amarnath standing by the pitch. This man has an aura that you can’t miss even form a mile away. I walked up to him with all my wit and asked for directions on what to do. He directed me to the pitch and that day I failed at the tryouts. Thanks to him failing me that day I am here today.”

Kapil Dev captain of the ’83 team while reminiscing the olden days and sharing his memories worth team mates said to director Kabir Khan, “You can see it is so hard to handle all of these characters and it is going to be a task for you to find more people like them for the film. You can try your best but I am sure you won’t be able to find such characters.”

The filmmakers have cast Ranveer Singh for the captain, Kapil Dev’s role while the others haven’t been cast yet.

While talking about the film Ranveer said, “To our generation cricket has always been the glamorous game but it wasn’t actually like that before, when Kabir sir started narrating the story it came as a shock to me. It was surprising to learn the odds against which they had to fight and rise. More than a great cricket story it is a great human story.”

The film follows the incredible journey of a bunch of players from a low-ranked team, who went on to beat the big stalwarts of the game. It is produced by Phantom Films, Vishnu Vardhan Induri (Vibri Media), Reliance Entertainment and Kabir Khan Films.

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