“Happiness is Eat , Pray, Love and travelling”, says Birthday Boy Vishal Singh

Happiness, Eat , Pray, Love, travelling, Birthday, Vishal Singh

Mumbai: Vishal Singh aka Jigar of Saathiya is very excited about his birthday bash on 7th September. His friends are planning a little get together for him. The actor hopes they will have a good time together.

Remembering his cherished birthday memories Vishal says,”Once when I was in hometown my parents planned a birthday party to surprise me because at that time I was feeling a little low and the time was tough for me. They involved some of my friends too. Though I pretty much knew that something was cooking, I pretended to be unaware. Guess what? The party was grand and actually came as a surprise. It lifted my spirits so much that it became my best birthday memory ever. Even after I was born, for a couple of years my parents used to invite the whole mohalla and they keep on playing the song ‘baar baar din yeh aaye’. It was a like a wedding.”

When the show business people say that age doesn’t matter, Vishal has different views. “it does. people say 20 or 30 is just a number but when you age, you can feel it. The body starts reacting when you grow. Everything changes and obviously you become wiser.  I have to be more careful now.

Vishal is known for his cool and chilled out attitude towards life and career. He gives credit to his parents. “My mother and father are biggest inspiration for me. They are very supportive. I have seen them going through so much in life and still they carry a warm smile on their faces. I learn from them. Whenever I face odds I keep in mind that my family and some chosen friends are there from me in any difficult times and I get through it and of course, I love being with family and a few friends, shopping and travelling. It gives me a kick. I can keep on travelling for the rest of my life.”

The actor further describes his happiness by four words: Eat, pray, love and traveling.

Vishal gets lots of compliments on his smile.”I believe anyone’s smile is their biggest asset. If someone doesn’t like you and you smile genuinely to them they will stop hating you. People should keep smiling rather than holding grudges.”

The birthday boy has already gifted himself with an LV wallet which he wanted to buy since a long time as he is a huge fan of the brand. His birthday wish is plain and simple- to keep his family happy.

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