Farhan Akhtar’s interaction with Ronit Roy gets maximum appreciation

Farhan Akhtar,

Farhan Akhtar surprised us with his portrayal of Kishan Girhotra from Moradabad in his recently released film Lucknow Central.

The actor garnered good feedback for his strong act from across quarters.

However, there is one particular scene in the film which is a high point and has been performed phenomenally.

There is a scene where Kishan is transferred to Lucknow Central jail. Farhan’s character interacts with the Jailor..It is that scene where Kishan tries to fool a cop by pretending to be a mute guy. But the jailor catches him and gives him a dose of his own. By the end of the sequence, Kishan is completely stunned.

This particular scene was quite intense and had people completely gripped onto the screen.

In most of the responses from cinegoers, this scene of Farhan has been mentioned as one of the best in the film.

With his performance in this film, Farhan has convinced the audience that he can play a character completely opposite of what he is in real life. is owned & managed by Media Minds Solutions


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