Double dose of action for Varun in Judwaa 2!

Varun Dhawan, Judwaa 2

Varun Dhawan, who would be seen playing a double role for the very first time in his forthcoming film Judwaa 2 had to put in double efforts to prep for the project.

The actor underwent a rigorous training for six months prior to the film’s shoot.

Along with his trainer, Kuldeep Shashi, Varun learned as many as eight different types of kicks that the audiences would get to witness in the film!

Varun Dhawan who is a huge fan of X games wanted the action sequences to be as thrilling as possible and so he has left no stone unturned to deliver impactful action scenes.

While rehearsing and getting the action scenes precise, Varun has been injured several times through the process. The makers who had an extensive schedule in London have shot the majority of the action sequences there.

Varun shares,”I had trained for six to seven months along with trainer Kuldeep Shashi. From kicks to my flexibility, we have tried atleast 8 different types of Kicks. I think one of the highlight sequences are when I’m on the bus fighting off 4 muggers and the other long cycle chase sequence. Me and Vivan Bhatina whose playing a very important character in the film have worked very hard on the action. We have a massive fight and he is double my size but I think he is a gentle giant and we have had a very good time shooting the action with each other.”

The climax sequence alone required as many as 7 days of preparation and rehearsals. Anal Arasu who is one of the best action choreographers has designed some glaring scenes in the film.

Judwaa 2’s trailer along with the iconic songs which have released has received tremendous love from the audience, directed by David Dhawan, the film brings together Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu in lead roles. The film is all set to hit theaters on 29th September. is owned & managed by Media Minds Solutions


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