Double celebration for Ali, Victoria and Abdul gets him praises all across and the film cross the 260 crores worldwide collection so far!

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Versatile actor Ali Fazal who’s much anticipated film Victoria and Abdul has just been released in India has garnered appreciation worldwide. Ali in fact had a special birthday yesterday with his film having released in India this weekend. Ali plays the role of Abdul Karim an Indian attendant of Queen Victoria who then becomes one of the most influential person in the royal household in the late 1800s. Ali bagged the dream role last year after almost 100 actors were auditioned for the part and to his luck the audiences and critics alike have loved the film. The movie is appreciated by the audiences too, with it has crossing the a worldwide collection of 260 crores. Ali truly has has two reasons to celebrate his success.

Here are some of the reviews:

Subhash K Jha, “Ali Fazal, Abdul Karim is persuasively charming, cocky and irreverent yet attentive respectful and compassionate.”

Kennith Rosario,”Ali Fazal as Abdul is visibly unable to reciprocate to Dench’s artistry. He masks his emotions behind perpetual smiles and feigns sincerity.”

Rahul Desai, “Never mind that Ali Fazal and his overly smiley interpretation of a loyal “commoner” ticks all the boxes of the brown-kid-in-Hollywood epidemic; he is sincere, and can be lauded for his breakthrough, but is essentially a strapping young Bollywood actor made to emote in an exotic ‘desi’ accent rather than an unassuming, unglamorous Indian character in a Commonwealth setup.”

Renuka Vyavahare, “Making the most of this incredible opportunity, Ali holds his own in front of a legend. Frears smartly uses Ali’s raw, nervous energy and enthusiasm and infuses it in Abdul, organically.

Shantanu David, “Abdul Karim, played by Ali Fazal, is positively anaemic in comparison. While gorgeously dressed and accoutred, Fazal simply can’t hold a torch to the blazing brilliance of his co-star. And perhaps, we can’t blame Ali for this: he emotes beautifully with his eyes and plays the role of a servile and amiable servant to royalty with aplomb. ”

Gaurang Chauhan,”Ali Fazal surprised me with his understated performance. Having seen him in Indian films and quite a few crossover ones, this can easily termed as his best performance till date. This is his first lead role in a big Hollywood film and he nails the part. I don’t blame the Queen if she was charmed by Abdul instantly because Ali Fazal is indeed likeable in this one.”

Saibal Chatterjee, “Ali Fazal, in the role Abdul Karim, is up against the very best in the business. To his credit, he holds his ground and conveys just the right mix of bafflement and servility as the relationship evolves.”

Rohan Nahaar, “Ali Fazal delivers a restrained performance, in a film that pretends the word doesn’t exist.”

Karan Agarwal, “Ali Fazal, clearly meant for bigger things than his few seconds in Fast and Furious film, Fazal has managed to bag the lead role opposite seven time Oscar nominee Dame Judi Dench. In his role as Abdul, Fazal is endearing”.

Own Gleiberman of Variety says, “And then there’s Abdul. He is tall, twinkly, and yummy handsome, with thick shiny black hair and a beard that makes him look like Paul McCartney in “Let It Be.” The Indian actor Ali Fazal, a Bollywood star who made his Hollywood debut in “Furious 7” (2015), plays him with a sing-song voice and a polite sweetness that never lets up.” is owned & managed by Media Minds Solutions


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