Discovery JEET is the right environment where I can experiment with the comedy genre says, Ram Kapoor.

Ram Kapoor, Discovery JEET

Ram Kapoor interacted with media on the sets of his upcoming show ‘Comedy High School’ on Tuesday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Ram said Discovery JEET is the right environment where he can experiment with the comedy genre.

Talking about his latest comedy show ‘Comedy High School’, and whether comedy comes naturally to him as an actor, Ram said, “I think doing comedy is a really difficult thing. Some actors can easily do serious roles and some actors can easily do comedy but for me doing comedy is not as easy. It is not easy to make people laugh, I took this challenge because I have been collaborating with Discovery channel for long, so I feel this is the right environment where I can experiment in this genre”

Ram who has done plenty romantic and dramtic roles himself was asked if he is ready to be compared with ither comedy show actors on television, he said, “I don’t think about this because when I worked as romantic and dramatic lead on television, people compared me with lot of actors like Ronit Roy so I don’t think about that because choosing right project and doing it seriously is important for me and how people think about me is not much of my business so that’s the way, I am approaching this show as well”

When asked about the experience of moving from Drama to comedy, in front of live audience, Ram said, “For years, I have been doing intense shows and dramas which have a different rhythm, the way of executing it is different and it doesn’t have a live format like this. This show has a different rhythm, requires different energy levels and it is in front of live audience, so I am taking it very seriously. Because if I am attempting something different then I want to do it as best as I can”

Besides Ram, the cast has names like Gopal Dutt, Paritosh Tripathi, Krishna Bhatt, Jasmeet Bhatia and Deepak Dutta.

‘Comedy High School’ will be aired on Discovery JEET and which is a light-hearted take on society, culture, education and current affairs through a classroom-based set-up.

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