Adil Hussain awarded the Best Actor Award at Berlin’s Indo-German Film Week

He won this honour for two of his films i.e. ‘Pareeksha’ and ‘Nirvana Inn’.

Source: Instagram

Versatile actor Adil Hussain bagged the award for ‘Best Actor’ at the IndoGerman Film Week happening in Berlin. He won this honour for two of his films i.e. ‘Pareeksha’ and ‘Nirvana Inn’.

He portrayed the role of an ordinary rickshaw driver ‘Buchi Pasvan’ who dreams big and aspires for his son to get quality education from an English medium private school in Prakash Jha’s directorial film ‘Pareeksha’. It was an eye-opening take on the current education system in the nation.

While Nirvana Inn followed the story of a boatman who ends up becoming a caretaker of a resort in Himalaya after an attempted suicide. It deals with dark themes like guilt and death.

The actor announced the news via his twitter account while being full of gratitude for the entire cast and crew he worked with.

‘Pareeksha’ is available to watch on Zee network’s streaming service ‘ZEE5’, whereas ‘Nirvana Inn’ had its premiere at the 24th Busan International Film Festival under the section of ‘A Window on Asian Cinema’.