Aamir Khan shares a moment spent with son Azad in his second Instagram post

Aamir Khan, Azad

After making his debut on the popular photo-sharing networking site with his first post being the picture of his mother, Aamir Khan shares yet another series of 9 posts.

The actor treated his audience with another series of 9 posts, uploaded a collage merging to be an image of his son Azad and his dog Imli.

Aamir Khan captioned the picture writing, My two babies… gifting me my birthday card :-)”.

While on his impromptu visit to Mumbai on his Birthday, Azad had gifted Aamir a handmade card, a testimony to which is seen in the post where Azad is seen presenting the card and Aamir is seen holding his dog.

The actor who uses other social media platforms to communicate, Instagram gives a sneak peek into his personal life.

Aamir Khan is being celebrated as World’s Biggest Superstar, courtesy the unprecedented phenomenon of winning hearts and breaking box office records in the populous countries of India and China.

By expanding his digital imprints to Instagram, Aamir Khan has been treating his fans with a sneak peek into his life.

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